Where is Peet’s Coffee & Tea inside Lumière Place

A recent comment states that I had the wrong location for Peet’s Coffee & Tea inside of Lumière Place. My reply was going to be long enough I decided I’d make another article out of it. What I can say is Peet’s Coffee must be hiding really well or be close to the Four Seasons Hotel. Because the only Peet’s I saw was what the commenter called Sucre. Keep in mind the Lumière Place website and no major search engine has any information on this. All I know is our first night inside of Lumière Place we ate at Asia. This is located across from Sleek. I saw no Peet’s Coffee location in this area.

Later that morning before heading to bed we ate at the Bistro. Which is located by the Kitchen Buffet and where I stated Peet’s Coffee & Tea was by. The next evening we had dinner at Burger Bar. Again there is no Peet’s located by this restaurant. The Burger Bar is located by the elevator and stairs you would use when heading to the Lumière Casino from their hotel. Asia and Sleek are located on the other side of the casino from this point.

Also during our stay we used the people mover to head outside to the Edward Jones Dome. Once again I can’t recall seeing a Peet’s Coffee located in this part of the complex either. I can only assume the storefront is closer to the Four Seasons Hotel which we didn’t explore on our visit. Let me explain why I had assumed I had the location correct. Inside of many casino properties you will find smaller sized national chains. Two examples of this would be the Isle of Capri in Bettendorf, IA and Harvey’s Lake Tahoe. Both of these locations include a Starbucks Coffee. At the Isle of Capri you will find Starbucks in the lobby of one their hotel towers. I can’t remember where this coffee company was inside Harvey’s.

Since my previous experience had shown me that many other casino complexes include small national chain storefronts. I made the assumption that Lumière Place had done the same. Keep in mind their website offers no map or location information.

I may very well have just glanced past the actual Peet’s Coffee & Tea. But we did a good amount of exploring Lumière Place during our stay. I’ll be able to go hunt down the true Peet’s location at a later date. I just booked a two night comped stay at the Lumière Hotel. So we’ll be visiting the property again in the near future.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea

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Lumière Place electronic billboard Peet’s Coffee & Tea

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2 thoughts on “Where is Peet’s Coffee & Tea inside Lumière Place”

  1. If you check out ( That URL is already included within the original article ) and call the number I’m sure they will be able to tell you where it is located.

  2. As my edit of your comment shows. I included that URL in my previous article. No need to post it a second time.

    I assume as a customer you must like being hassled. No one should have to call especially if there is a website. On that site there should be a property map. It’s basic Internet 101. This relates to the comment in the other article also. Customers shouldn’t be hassled with asking where something is. The design of the property and signage should guide them. Honestly I don’t even recall there being signage on the property guiding customers to Peet’s.

    There are things called interactive maps nowadays. Many ways exist to reduce hassling the consumer. Unfortunately not enough companies put these to use.

    With all that said I don’t drink coffee. But might be interested to see what Peet’s offers tea wise.

    It should be kept in mind that this is par for the course at Lumière Place. When you enter the casino floor after coming from the Lumière Hotel you see what looks like a players club desk. This area has no employees working there. Only after very close inspection would you see this is a Will Call station for picking up tickets. Only after a long walk to the other side of the casino floor will you find a players club counter that is staffed. Again hassling the customer and making them play hide and seek.

    For the record I have no problems reading signs. I used various signs inside MGM Las Vegas to find my way to the monorail. The size of MGM is huge compared to Lumière Place.

    Something to remember – I’m the only one to have an attitude or be snarky on this site. Anyone having a less than pleasant attitude or having a know it all attitude will promptly be deleted & most likely IP blocked. Including a URL to another website etc is also another way to almost certainly earn this as well.

    As for the recent now deleted comment about there being a ton of signage. I’ll say the only signs myself & my girlfriend can recall are for the various restaurants within the complex. The comment also doesn’t address the fact of hassling the customer in regards to obtaining a players card. Developers are known for their stubborn attitudes. What I will say if owners, managers & marketers listened more to customers than developers their properties would be much more user-friendly.

    By the way – having an attitude with a good customer who also has a very large following online is just bad marketing and shows a lack of understanding in regards to word of mouth. Sadly this is yet another example of a positive fun article being turned into a bitch fest because someone wants to have a superior attitude.

    User:Yawetag – Wikipedia

    Oh what fun now I’ll have to wonder if I’m going to be hassled on my next visit do to me taking issue with a comment left but one of the Lumiere Casino Surveillance Operators.

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