Cell-nique Apple Super Green Drink

Cell-nique Apple Super Green Drink

This a picture of a new drink I tried for the first time the other day. When I opened my bottle of Cell-nique Apple it had an earthy smell to it. Of course I followed instructions and shook the bottle well before opening. The drink tasted like it smelled but with a mild hint of apple. One reviewer was very unfavorable in regards to the taste of Cell-nique. For me the Apple wasn’t horrible at all. Not a massive flavor explosion but I’d drink it again. Long time readers know I have no problems telling you if I don’t like something. I still feel Kombucha Tea is some of the most disgusting stuff to enter my mouth in a long time.

Our other bottle of Cell-nique is the Pomegranate flavor. The POMx I wrote about below I’ll definitely be giving another taste when we purchase some more.

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Does anyone make an organic drink that taste good

I hate the Cell-nique website. Yes it is done in Flash like many other drink companies. Of course the look is nice. But Flash makes it a pain to link to individual pages. But the worst part is the music. Normally there is some way to turn it off. I can’t find any mute option. The music makes me want to spend less time exploring their site for product information.

Keep in mind that everyone nowadays is making organic, all natural, super good for you claims. As always it’s consumer beware. Some of these supposedly natural producers are far from it.

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3 thoughts on “Cell-nique Apple Super Green Drink”

  1. Thx for your honest feedback.
    Cell-nique is power stuff.

    Most drinks on the market are sugar-water-flavor (empty calories) that sell for $2 bucks… So we actually had the guts to make a real nutritious drink that works it might actually cost a couple of bucks more ($4 bucks).

    You get what you pay for… a Glass Bottle that Locks-in-Freshness (no BPA or Petro-chemicals), Organic Ingredients (no Pesticides, Herbicides or nothing Artificial), Real powerful whole-food ingredients that are ground up so they are absorbed and easily digested and assimilated…. Thats the point of all the stuff in the bottle that needs to be shook-up 🙂

    Like anything in the world, you got to try and stick to it you a week, drinking 1 or 2 bottles a day and share with us how you feel…. Its about the price of a salad that you drink in the morning, normally we wouldn’t have salad for breakfast, but that is when our body needs to be fed the most. To start our day in the right-direction with the fuel to power our day.

    You wouldn’t expect to eat one salad and have it change you whole life… but if you added 1 or 2 salads every day for a week… you might feel the difference…

    Our body and mind wants and needs powerful nutrition to function at peak levels. Our cells then need to be flushed-cleansed every day, and we need alkaline-forming foods (vegetables & fruits) to balance out the carbs and protein (acid-forming foods) we normally eat most every meal.

    Drinking Cell-nique is that simple, an easy way to get our needs met that most people totally skip.

  2. I tried cell-nique about 3 months ago.

    It is the nastiest stuff on the planet.

    Made me want to puke.

  3. I LOVE Cellnique….we usually buy out the supply at Whole Foods and started buying bulk lately from a distributor site.  The flavors are great, my favorite is apple, pomegranite, tropical fruit, berry grape, root beer, but haven’t tried chocolate…yet.  Whenever I travel, I try to find a health food store that carries it.  It is far much easier to drink 1 a day than 6-8 fruit and vegetable servings. Love the STUFF!

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