WordPress 2.9 is having install problems and causing headaches

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The latest version of WordPress is 2.9. Many users are having install problems with this latest build. Of course with any new release there are bound to be customers who run into issues getting things to work properly. However in this case things seemed to be pretty widespread. As far as I can remember it’s been awhile since I’ve had any headaches from a WordPress update. I do not use the automatic update feature within the dashboard. I prefer to do my upgrades the old fashion way using FTP software. When the WordPress auto update feature was first released it caused me pain and suffering. So I haven’t used it since.

Here is part of the error I received when trying to upgrade to WordPress 2.9.

Fatal error Call to undefined function wp-includes/vars.php on line 16

I resolved the install problem by downgrading back to WordPress 2.8.6. I’m running MySQL 5.0 so this shouldn’t be causing the upgrade issue.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look as if anyone on the WordPress development team has addressed reported issues. I’m only seeing questionable websites covering the topic at this time. None of which I feel comfortable sending my readers to.

WordPress 2.8.6 security update

Secure your WordPress install by using WordPress 2.8.5

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The title below isn’t true for many of us at this time.

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  • I upgraded to WordPress 2.9 by uploading the WordPress files via FTP and I haven’t got any problem.
    I used the automatic updater tool from the WordPress admin page only once, and I saw that it backs up the current installation files and then install the new files.
    After that time I had some glitches, not major problems, going on, so I backed up my posts, I deleted all the WordPress files from my server, recreated the database for WordPress and uploaded via FTP the WordPress files.
    Since then I never used the automatic updater any more, and so far every time I upload the newer WordPress files via FTP, my blog works.

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