The secrets of Iron Chef America revealed

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Many people always wonder about what really goes on behind the scenes of their favorite shows. I think this is even more the case with TV shows that feature some type of competition such as Iron Chef America. Questions such as how can they have all the ingredients ready for cooking if they don't know what the secret ingredient for that particular show is going to be? How can they come up with a menu so fast? Can the chefs really cook that amount of food in the allotted amount of time? How do they keep the food warm while waiting for the judges to eat their creations? The list of questions I'm sure is plentiful. The answers to some of these questions have now been revealed. Keep in mind I'm not sure the answers apply to the original version of this program. That aired in Japan. The Q&A relates only to the American version of Iron Chef.

I originally found this information here

Iron Chef America  Matthew Gifford

The answers to your many questions can be found below

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Whose cuisine reins supreme?

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