Stop & Go Steamers hamburgers located in eastern Iowa

Stop & Go Steamers hamburgers located in eastern Iowa

On a recent episode of Man V Food Adam Richman stated that Connecticut is the only place in the United States that you could get a steamed cheeseburger. Both Cheryl & I did a double take and rewound the DVR to see if we heard this right. While I can’t really find anything online that contradicts this. We both swear we have seen other food shows feature steamed cheeseburger in places other than Connecticut. We were also fairly certain that we had a steamed cheeseburger in Iowa several years ago.

The picture above was taken in 2005. Stop & Go Steamers could be found in a parking area next to an ATM & bank. If I remember correctly a gas station convenience store was located near by as well. This is where we had stopped to get gas. I can’t recall the exact exit or city. This was somewhere between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids on I-380. The mobile food cart wasn’t there on our way home.

This was taken during our first trip out to Seattle Washington for Gnomedex. I thought I had taken a picture of their menu but I can’t find it at this time. I do recall something about it stating that Stop & Go Steamers was only at that location on certain days of the week.

Part of the reason I went hunting for this old photo is because I can’t believe the State of Connecticut is the only place you can get a hamburger cooked using steam. Of course I have no way of knowing if Stop & Go Steamers is still in operation. I’m not having any luck finding a reference to the business online.

I am in no way stating this type of hamburger cooking didn’t start in Connecticut. I actually had a debate in regards to where the horseshoe sandwich was invented a few weekends back. I’m fully aware many people take pride in their local favorites. It just doesn’t seem plausible to me that no one else in the USA cooks a burger this way.

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