Free ticket for The Travoltas DEC 31 2009

A few weeks ago do to my loud mouth I won a ticket to see The Travoltas at the Quad Cities Waterfront Convention Center on December 31 2009. I have no desire to attend. Not to mention the fact of having to find a room for New Years in Bettendorf, IA. Stoney Creek has rooms but the Isle of Capri casino shuttle doesn’t pickup there. The Isle’s competition Jumer’s in Rock Island does. But their shuttle wait times can be hit or miss. So basically I can’t use the ticket & will be giving it away for free.

There aren’t any hoops for you to jump through. It’s as simple as leaving a comment below. Include your email address which will not be published. That information can only be seen by me. The first person to leave a comment gets a shot at the ticket. I’ll contact you using the email address to see where I need to send it. Simple.

Honestly I haven’t spent that much time up North lately. The comps have dried up. Granted the Isle of Capri has never been all that great about giving out comps to me. Even though we always eat at Farraddays’ Restaurant and have multiple buy-ins during our stay. Jumer’s was good about giving comps when they first opened. But those have dried up now as well. So my households money has taken a journey down South where casinos still know comps bring in customers. The same amount of action & dining gets us decent comps when we head the opposite direction of the Quad Cities.

We also prefer to stay at hotels with a safe and refrigerator. The Isle of Capri offers neither in their rooms. Although they do have ceiling fans. Jumer’s has a safe but no fridge. Makes keeping any leftovers or snacks fresh impossible. We had a discussion about this with the Farraddays’ manager ages ago. If he mentioned it to anyone it must have been brushed off. Yet another reason the Isle will see less of our business. Honestly a casino hotel without a room safe just boggles my mind.

Much of the regional competition does offer a safe & many in their standard rooms have a fridge. It’s my opinion most casinos use a very outdated system for handing out comps. To me it is just dumb business to turn away a couple who spend money in your higher end restaurants and who have multiple buy-ins and slot play during their stay. Focusing on whales only is a good way to have empty rooms and less customers. Comps should be based upon total money spent during a stay. Not just play alone.

Granted the Bettendorf Isle of Capri does normally offer great discounted room rates to players. Especially when compared to Jumer’s room rate offerings. However in the past Jumer’s has offered us more free rooms.

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3 thoughts on “Free ticket for The Travoltas DEC 31 2009”

  1. Just sent an email to Anna who left the comment above this morning. If an address gets to me today. This is who will get the ticket. I’ll be sending the ticket using FedEx next day service so that it should get there by tomorrow for the show.

    If by midday I haven’t heard back from Anna I will definitely consider contacting the next in line. This is definitely last minute. But I will do my best to get the ticket in the hands of someone who can use it.

    Keep in mind any email or physical address that is given to me will not be used for marketing purposes or anything like that. This is just used to contact you and to get the ticket into your possession.

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