Springfield IL region hit by tornado(s)

The capital city of Illinois and many surround communities have just been hit by massive severe weather. This storm included tornadoes and hail. Many areas of Springfield are blocked off at this time. Best Buy and several other businesses on that side of town have been damaged. My old neighborhood Westchester was severally hit. Many homes in that area have reported major damage. Chatham where I live now seems to be largely unaffected. Although I’ve not ventured outside to have a look at this point. National TV stations are reporting that this storm has caused damage in several other states. If you don’t have any reason to be out at this point. It would be wise to stay inside. Downed power lines have been reported all over the city of Springfield IL. New Berlin, Loami, Curran, Lincoln and Auburn are just some of the other cities where damage has been reported as well. It was reported that tornadoes touched down in the Loami, New Berlin and Curran areas. 911 services for the Springfield area have been reported to be down at this time. But emergency crews are out and dealing with the effects of this storm. Many parts of Springfield and other towns in the region are without power service at this time.

At this time Insight Communications internet and TV service is up. I’m not sure about SBC ( now AT&T ) internet services. WTAX and it’s sister radio stations were reporting on the storm as well.

New Berlin schools are reported to be closed for session tomorrow.

Other school closings have been announced.

Catholic schools will not be in session. And SCOPE will be closed as well.

The local chapter of The American Red Cross has opened up a center for those in need at Lanphier high school in Springfield, IL. This is located on the north end of Springfield.

Now why they would choose that school is beyond me. Do to the fact that most of the major damage was to areas of south / west Springfield and towns in that same region. Police and city officials are stating it is unsafe to drive at this time. They want residents to stay off the roads. So why make it to were people will have to drive across town to find help? Seems rather shortsighted to me.

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It was later stated by a local Red Cross official that Lanphier high school was chosen do to it still having power. Do to the fact that it receives power from the same grid as the hospitals. It is also closer than some other schools to those medical facilities.

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