Tesla Roadster Road Trip coming to Illinois

The Tesla Roadster Road Trip is coming to Illinois very soon. Will you take time out of your day to see the technology that should be running your new car in the next few years? Unfortunately that is the earliest most of us will have a chance to purchase an all electric car with any amount of real world range. The Tesla Roadster Road Trip is one of those great PR marketing concepts that companies love to put on. Granted this is a great test of how a Tesla Roadster holds up in real world conditions on the open road. But a 23 day trip that would normally take maybe 5 in a more traditional vehicle does nothing to resolve range anxiety in my opinion.

This is a great way to get public awareness up. It’s an awesome way to get free media coverage for your product. However it does nothing to change the fact that in a Tesla Roadster leaving Springfield, IL and heading for Chicago at highway speeds we like to travel. The car would most likely run out of charge before we came close to downtown Chicago. As much as I wish I could say this isn’t true it is. While I’m a big supporter of electric cars I’m also a realist.

Yes I’m aware of the recent article that supposedly challenges all the electric car myths. I’ve read it and think it is horse shit that really does nothing but give gas guzzlers more ammo. Your not going to win over converts by basically lying to them. Yes the daily commute is less than 40 miles a day. But many of us take weekend trips or long vacations in our cars that current electric models wouldn’t be suitable for.

Our previous Seattle trips are normally a 4 day journey. Not including our stay in Rapid City, SD. There are no quick charging stations on our route. Heck there aren’t many gas stations on certain parts of I-90. A Tesla Roadster isn’t going to do the 600 miles a day we do in our Aveo. Unfortunately this is the current reality.

Your average person doesn’t have extra time to take off work to accommodate a current electric car’s range inadequacies. No matter how many television shows and marketing gimmicks want to make you believe otherwise. Most of these people don’t have the funds to own two vehicles either. Yes Living with Ed has his all electric and the Toyota Prius for long drives. People who lead normal every day lives don’t have this luxury. Even though there are many of us who would love to be driving an all electric vehicle right now.

The fact remains we are still years away from a practically priced vehicle that offers decent range that is comparable to a gas powered car. Every year we hear about how the electric revolution is just around the corner only to be told we have to wait another few years. Even Tesla has done this with the Model S. Which if released before the Chevy Volt and others I feel would be a game changer. Right price right range. But yet again we are at the minimum two years away at maybe getting a chance to own one.

I’ve yet to see a Tesla Roadster in person. I’m going to do my best to change that now that the car is coming so close to home.

You can see a Tesla Roadster for yourself in St. Louis MO on January 3rd. Effingham IL on January 4th. Champaign-Urbana IL January 5th. Then in Chicago on January 6th.

By the way Tesla it’s University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign not the other way around. Got into a fight with a local about that once. I lived there for a couple of years ages ago.

No one should take my criticism above as a dislike for Tesla. This company is doing exactly what American automobile manufacturers should have been doing years ago. While the Chevy Volt is a step in the right direction you are still relying on fossil fuels. That is something we as a society should have advanced past by now. What is frustrating is that no one is bringing out a car for the masses that gets to that point. We are still at the “in the future” mode we have been stuck in for decades now.

2010 is around the corner. According to the movies we should be much more advanced by now than we actually are. Vehicles are still basically running on Model T technology. Keep in mind though that the electric car was actually how things started out. Hopefully one day we will be heading back in that direction.

Tesla Motors should be given credit for not avoiding the Midwest. Unlike Nissan with their Leaf Tour. Granted for Tesla this may have just been the most direct way to Detroit.

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