Group photo at Schlafly’s Tap Room Tesla Roadster Road Trip

I wasn’t aware that the Tesla Roadster Road Trip gathering in St. Louis was going to be part of a Gateway Electric Vehicle Club meeting. From what I was told Schlafly’s Tap Room didn’t seem aware that Tesla was going to be showing up at their doorstep. The photo above shows members of the club and I’m sure a few of us who aren’t involved with the local group. You’ll find me in the middle of the picture wearing my old Zone Labs Team Z jacket.

The Tesla Roadster on the left is the one that is traveling cross country heading to the 2010 North American International Auto Show. On the right the other car is a locally owned roadster.  The owners Marc and Theresa Clemente were very gracious in allowing those attending the event to explore their car. I was told they had waited a year for delivery. On the Tesla road trip website that vehicle is listed as Roadster Sport, No. 675.

Cheryl took the picture above with our camera. I won’t go into the drama that followed later on right now.

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2 thoughts on “Group photo at Schlafly’s Tap Room Tesla Roadster Road Trip”

  1. That will be covered in my follow-up when I’m feeling a bit better. Honestly it was major drama just getting to the event. But more on that later. This was just a quick get something posted and link related stories type of thing. Thanks for having a read.

    I should clarify. No event drama. The whole thing was rather mellow. My comment above was in relation to the camera.

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