Group photo at Schlafly’s Tap Room Tesla Roadster Road Trip

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Group photo at Schlafly’s Tap Room Tesla Roadster Road Trip

I wasn’t aware that the Tesla Roadster Road Trip gathering in St. Louis was going to be part of a Gateway Electric Vehicle Club meeting. From what I was told Schlafly’s Tap Room didn’t seem aware that Tesla was going to be showing up at their doorstep. The photo above shows members of the club and I’m sure a few of us who aren’t involved with the local group. You’ll find me in the middle of the picture wearing my old Zone Labs Team Z jacket.

The Tesla Roadster on the left is the one that is traveling cross country heading to the 2010 North American International Auto Show. On the right the other car is a locally owned roadster.  The owners Marc and Theresa Clemente were very gracious in allowing those attending the event to explore their car. I was told they had waited a year for delivery. On the Tesla road trip website that vehicle is listed as Roadster Sport, No. 675.

Cheryl took the picture above with our camera. I won’t go into the drama that followed later on right now.

Tesla Roadster Road Trip coming to Illinois

Marc and Theresa Clemente Tesla Roadster Sport No. 675 Illinois route on Tesla Roadster 750 Tesla Roadster at night

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Comments 2

  • what was the “drama that followed”?

  • That will be covered in my follow-up when I’m feeling a bit better. Honestly it was major drama just getting to the event. But more on that later. This was just a quick get something posted and link related stories type of thing. Thanks for having a read.

    I should clarify. No event drama. The whole thing was rather mellow. My comment above was in relation to the camera.

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