Meet Millionaire Spammer Jeremy Jaynes

Want to see what the life of a spammer is like? The individual covered in this post North Carolina Man Gets 9 Years in Jail for Spam is now having his business and lifestyle chronicled in several new articles. “As one of the world’s most prolific spammers, Jeremy Jaynes pumped out at least 10 million e-mails a day with the help of 16 high-speed lines, the kind of Internet capacity a 1,000-employee company would need. Jaynes’ business was remarkably lucrative; prosecutors say he grossed up to $750,000 per month. If you have an e-mail account, chances are Jaynes tried to get your attention, pitching software, pornography and work-at-home schemes.”

Meet Millionaire Spammer Jeremy Jaynes 

$750,000 a Month – Profiling a prodigious spamming operation 

Trial Shows How Spammers Operate

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