Springfield IL region hit by tornado(s) Updated

For those of you may have not seen the original article. Or for those who haven’t had a look at it in the past few days. The original article has been continually updated to included new links to other articles or sources of information in regards to the tornadoes that hit the Springfield, IL area. Most of the time I treat my articles like a Wiki. I won’t always alert readers to the fact that I have made additions to a previous article. But if I find a news story, other useful informationĀ or another blogger writing about the same topic. Normally I will add a linkĀ in my article to that source. Some people may not like the style I use here. I do things this way for a reason. Personally I feel it saves time to have other relevant sources all in one place. I’ve also always felt that this allows readers to see several different opinions on the topic or subject.

Springfield IL region hit by tornado(s)

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