TerraWare Earth Friendly Cutlery

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TerraWare Earth Friendly Cutlery

This package of TerraWare Earth Friendly Cutlery was purchased some time ago. Honestly I think I may have used a spoon out of this package once. Cheryl purchased these as an alternative to traditional plastic cutlery for when we are on the road. I hadn’t given them much thought until unpacking a bag a few days ago. The product being made from cornstarch resin is a plus. But when you look at the country of origin things become a little sketchy in my opinion. Made in China and earth friendly products just don’t go hand in hand. Of course this is my opinion. China is adopting alternative energy along with high speed rail at a much faster pace than the United States. So maybe manufacturing more natural products is a part of that process.

But if you look at the countries track record in regards to food products you have to question any such commitment. I have no reason to doubt anything stated on TerraWare’s website. However recent history shows consumers should be skeptical when purchasing natural products from China. I’m hoping that when the products ability to biodegrade is tested we don’t later find out some nasty things were leached off.

I’m not able to find to many reviews or opinions online in regards to the product pictured above. I always prefer to try and link to other opinions. This way my readers can make up their own minds by comparing multiple sources of information. For me it’s always preferable to use a product that has a natural base. Normally this means there is less chance for ill effects to consumers or the environment. But I also feel people should be more aware of where their purchases are coming from. Granted in the United States it is getting harder to buy anything that is actually made in this country. A very large portion of our consumer goods are manufactured elsewhere.

We’ll continue to use the TerraWare Earth Friendly Cutlery as a plastic alternative in our home. I’m hoping I won’t regret that decision and later find out about non natural fillers. Again this has been par for the course in food and toy products lately. Especially when it’s Made in China. Yes I’m aware without the hard work of the Chinese I wouldn’t even be able to write this. I can’t think of any parts in my computer that weren’t built there.

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