Dice-Setting Crapsability written by Charles Westcott

Dice-Setting Crapsability Charles Westcott

Honestly I rarely buy books. I do a ton of reading online each day but haven’t purchased a book in several years. I’m still subscribed to our local newspaper. So it’s not like I’m against reading. The book above is written by someone I have crossed paths with only once. Since I just got the book today I can’t give readers a review of the contents. I can tell you the subject is one that is highly debated and has many different points of view. Like many other things in life this is something many people find laughable. At this time I’m not going into my thoughts pro or con. I’m just promoting a book I feel will offer a good read with some interesting stories.

Dice-Setting Crapsability Charles Westcott back cover

Dice Setting Crapsability: What the Casinos don’t want you to know!: Charles C. Westcott

Is the smoking ban really hurting Illinois casinos

In relation to the story above. When I wrote it and to this day it is almost impossible to find empty hotel rooms at regional casinos. This includes the ones in Illinois that offer accommodations. Yet Illinois casinos have continued to complain that the smoking ban has hurt business. In one Iowa casino that allows smoking I have seen the amount of customers drop. So I’d say that the industry has been hurt more by the economic downturn. Even with this in mind it is rare to be able to book a room a few days before your visit. I’m still seeing a need to book at least a month in advance at the majority of properties I give my business to.

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2 thoughts on “Dice-Setting Crapsability written by Charles Westcott”

  1. Please advise me, which are the best casinos in the Chicago metropolitan area for precision dice shooters?

  2. I’ve only played in the Chicago area once. So I wouldn’t be the person to ask. I can tell you that the book above does offer details in regards to several casinos in that area.

    The Dice Institute website every once in awhile will detail various properties, the staff and the playability of the tables. For logical reasons that is something that doesn’t take place often.

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