Tesla Motors Chicago open house food

Tesla Motors Chicago open house food

Picture of yummy free food that was offered to guest at Tesla Motors Chicago open house on Friday. I only ate two wraps. A beverage was offered but I declined. I’m not sure if Tesla Motors used Whole Foods that is located at Union Station in Chicago. But that is closest one I saw to their store.

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Speaking of food wraps. The person who had a lot of success with them in the past is the Founder and CEO of Phix.

Phix Yerba Mate natural energy drink

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VerTerra plates bowls serving dishes made from fallen palm leaves

Unfortunately Tesla Motors was serving food on old plastic throw away plates. There was no VerTerra palm leaf products or other alternative plateware to be found. I used one of the plastics then a napkin for my second wrap.

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Just in case readers feel my comment above was bogus and just some way to throw in an advertisement.

That’s a Wrap: A Fad’s Fade-Out

“The genesis of the wrap has become part of entreprenurial lore. Four supereducated pals, Matthew Blair, Keith Cox, Eduardo Rallo Verdugo and Will Weisman, were vacationing in Mexico in 1994, trying to think of a joint business venture. Recalling their love of burritos, they came up with the wrap. The first store, World Wrapps, in San Francisco, was capitalized with a small investment from friends.”

It’s a Wrap! California offers America the next food craze

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