Thermaltake SR200 Liquid Reservoir with P500 Pump in use

I’ve tried to get several pictures of this that I would like. So far none I’ve taken have shown the detail I want. I’ve completely failed to get a good picture showing how the PrimoChill PC ICE with dye bomb glows. The red fluid actually glows green do to the UV sensitive tubing and lights. Although my old liquid cooled setup didn’t impress at least one person. To me the look is rather cool. I’m frustrated that I haven’t been able to get photos that accurately display this.

The round reservoir is different from the square box used with my old Thermaltake ProWater 850i Liquid Cooling setup. I also rerouted the tubing slightly. This was easier to do because of the adjustable nozzle on the SR200. All the Thermaltake liquid cooling products should offer this feature. It definitely makes routing tubes a much easier task.

I had a serious problem during the install process. Previously I had tightened down some connecting tubing to much. The connection to my Thermaltake Flow TX Plus Flow Meter w/ Water Temperature Indicator was way to tight. When I tried to loosen this to move it – problems started. I didn’t have the proper tools at the time to resolve the problem. So in the end the threading became stripped and caused a leak. For now until I buy a replacement – I’ve resolved the issue using glue and duct tape. Of course that makes it look like crap. But it no longer leaks.

I’m wanting to install a new hard drive soon. I’ve held off do to wanting to purchase an SSD drive. I haven’t fully decided if I would cool an SSD using my current liquid hard drive coolers. If I leave both installed I’m going to try using a y splitter to hopefully make the tubing route look nicer. Which in turn may make it more effective.

I’ll include links below to previous articles that show the various setups I’ve ran over the years. Some of the original parts have been running for about four years now.

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Thermaltake SR200 Liquid Reservoir with P500 Pump

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