Will that wireless device kill you

The past few weeks I’ve been seeing this question come up yet again. The MythBusters just did an episode on if cell phones would interfere with a plane’s instruments. During their testing it was found that cell phones give off a high level of radiation. More than other portable devices. The testers stated that all devices give off a certain amount of radiation. What is up for debate is does a cell phone, wireless laptop or wifi connection release enough radiation to be harmful over a period of time. The last time I wrote about this I brought up xrays. Years ago everyone thought these were totally safe. To the point where they were used for almost everything – including buying shoes. Only years later was it discovered that this technology had major harmful effects. Yes there have been several studies done that say cell phone usage is safe. One study stated otherwise. You of course have to debate the science used and who financed the studies to determine if the research is in fact unbiased. But who is to say years from now we won’t find out that the convenience of wireless wasn’t worth the risk. For many years people were told that open air nuclear testing was perfectly safe. We of course now know that this wasn’t in fact true. Many people will probably say by the time this or that affects me I’ll be ready to go anyway. So what is the big deal? Yet others have concerns about the long term effects that this technology will have on their children. Is this an irrational fear? Or just parents being logical and doing their job? Unfortunately I think the only true way to find out will be through long term use. If in 20 years we start to see a rise certain types of illness. We may be able to attribute that to wireless usage.

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