Galena Cellars Wisconsin Cherry Wine

Galena Cellars Wisconsin Cherry Wine

I don’t like wine but other person in my home does. So we had a gift certificate needing to be spent at Friar Tuck. Ever since seeing movie Bottle Shock – which is a Hollywood version of a true story. I’ve wanted to try a bottle of wine produced by GustavoThrace. Of course our local store didn’t carry any of their products. Since Cheryl had some Illinois wines she liked at State Fair last year. We went off in search of area wines to purchase.

Galena Cellars Wisconsin Cherry Wine shown above was one of the wines we bought. Again I will state I really hate wine. I don’t drink often but when I do it won’t be a glass of fermented grapes. I did have a glass of the wine above and I kind of liked it. I wouldn’t drink it on regular basis but it was good.

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Galena Cellars Wisconsin Cherry Wine

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