Major tornadoes just hit Central Illinois

A major storm cell is actively hitting the Central Illinois area. My better half was leaving Mario's in Chatham, IL right as a tornado was hitting that part of the city. Radio reports had a tornado touching down in a subdivision that is close to my home – that subdivision is Foxx Creek. Our power was off for about an hour. It is back on and running smoothly now. I won't be online to much long do to thunderstorms still taking place in our region at this time. Another storm cell that may cause more severe weather is heading in the direction of Springfield according to the Channel 20 News. It goes without saying that our Insight Communications internet connection is up and running. As is our cable TV. Taylorville and Elkhart are reported to have severe storm damage. The IDOT building on Dirksen in Springfield had construction materials blowing all around. Stop lights are reported down on the westside of town. Sherwood and other subdivisions effected by the set of storms last month are also reported to be without power. Damage is being reported at one trailer park on Clear Lake Avenue. Some eastside locations have once again suffered damage in Springfield, IL. The radio and the State Journal Register both are reporting damage at Lowe's on the westside of Springfield. A reporter on the radio said two employees had stated the roof had sustained damage. No reports of injuries or deaths have come in at this time as far as I'm aware.

Update at 10:17 PM

As my better half was pulling in our driveway this evening coming home from Mario's. She wanted me to look out to the right to see a low hanging cloud that many of our neighbors were looking at. As soon as I saw the cloud I had decided we needed to head back in. At this exact moment the warning sirens activated and our power went out. I told her in some very stern words to get inside. I then manually shut our garage since the power was out.

Once again the radio station we listened to was the simulcast of WTAX news. This is the same station that gave us helpful information during the set of storms last month.

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Are we taking bets if bloggers will get credit for covering the storm yet again? My money is on the television news, radio and newspaper(s) not giving online journalist – professional or not – any credit for once again offering up information that could be helpful to others. Just as many of us tried to do when the last storm hit.

Update 4/3/06

At this time from what I can see I'm the only one giving other bloggers credit for their efforts in trying to report this event. If as a community we won't support each other. How can you expect more “traditional” forms of media to give us the respect we deserve? If anyone is aware of decent blogs that are covering this story. I'd be more than happy to give those articles a look and link to them here. Also I wouldn't mind in the comments section if readers linked to more traditional media sources that I've missed at this time as well.

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