Your cell phone may in fact kill you over time

Just several days after I wrote another article on this topic. A new study has been published in regards to the health hazards of cell phone usage. A Swedish study released on Friday has concluded that long term mobile phone use can increase the risk of brain tumors. One other study that I’m personally aware of came to this same conclusion. Yet another research group came to the exact opposite conclusion. Although I think that study may have been backed by at least one cell phone company. The articles I read today state that both the Dutch and British have concluded that there is no health risk in long term usage of mobile phones. So as usual we are left with the question of who to believe. Whose science is actually correct? How can these researchers keep coming up with the exact opposite conclusions at times? This is where you have to look at how the research was conducted and who fund the project. Sometimes this clearly points out a bias. With about 8% of US households giving up their landline for cell phone use only. Knowing the long term effects of using these devices is very important. In other countries such as Britain. Mobile phones are used more. Do to the fact that they are normally cheaper than using a landline.

Will that wireless device kill you

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