What type of bird is this in our backyard

What type of bird is this in our backyard

I just looked out our window a bit ago and saw this really big bird. I’ve never seen this large of a bird in our backyard before. I couldn’t get a good picture through window. But I didn’t want to try to go outside and scary it away. When fully zoomed in – details were to blurred to make anything out – even after playing with focus. I stopped taking pictures just before it decided to turn around and show me it’s colorful feathers.

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A butterfly in the grass

Look at the butterfly on my finger inside Woodland Park Zoo Seattle

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Hanging out inside a cave Woodland Park Zoo

Here is an extreme close-up which doesn’t offer anymore detail. Shooting through a shade and window screen didn’t help matters. But I figured as soon as I opened the shade fully the bird would be gone. So I did the best I could with the camera I have and the situation.

There are a lot of movies that have featured birds. But this one just came to mind.

The Falcon and the Snowman Wikipedia

3 thoughts on “What type of bird is this in our backyard”

  1. That would have been my guess. It’s unusual for a bird of that size to be in our yard. We do have a feeder. But it’s fairly empty after the latest onslaught of birds before & during the last snow.

    If I remember correctly the feathers seemed to have some blue spots on them. Really wish I would have gotten a better shot.

  2. the back feathers on either species would be slate colored, maybe picking up some blue from sky light if it was overcast. it’s possible that what looked like spots were just the larger feathers along the back, reflecting light differently based on their individual angles.

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