The Flower Firm Tesla Motors Chicago

The Flower Firm Tesla Motors Chicago

I’m not sure if the company above was the event planner for the Tesla Motors Chicago store opening party. But I would assume that was the case. After being asked if Tesla employees could move the Tesla Roadster I got to ride in. This large box truck moved in front of the store. It was interesting how close the driver got to the side of the remaining roadster still parked out front. I made the comment to one employee in regards to if the driver of the truck knew that was a $150,000 vehicle they were close to hitting. The truck driver had skills. This obviously wasn’t their first time trying to park a large vehicle in a small space.

I’d actually had a conversation with an employee of The Flower Firm just a bit before the truck being moved into place. The company was coming to pick up some of the leftover items from the store opening party the night before.

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The Flower Firm

The Flower Firm was the event coordinator for the Tesla Chicago Store opening events.

The Flower Firm Grand Opening of Chicago’s first and only Tesla Motors. Facebook

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