Are Gibson and Laporte giving bad security advice once again

The arrogance of both these people just astounds me time and again. They have the typical mentality of many geeks. They feel they are higher up on the intelligence scale then the rest of us and they talk down to us. We don’t have to use antivirus at all or in real time because we are professionals and we are smarter than you. Leo even calls himself and Steve health professionals – give me a break!! I’d have to say that these two aren’t the only “tech celebs” who do this or have done this in the past. Many IT “professionals” do this on a daily basis in regards to their coworkers / end users. It’s this exact mentality that really makes me dislike the technology culture. If you hang out in online forums, chat rooms or on IRC / MIRC. You will see this type of behavior displayed on a daily basis. It’s something that has always aggravated me about geeks. You’ll see many on tv talking about how they want to help you. But if you listen to them in person they trash end users left and right. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen people get trashed online just for seeking help or wanting to learn.

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My advice is to always try and get information from multiple trusted sources. Base your opinion and how you operate / setup your security based upon information gathered from these resources. Keep in mind that just because someone is famous doesn’t mean they are all knowing. It’s my opinion that both Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson have been dishing out some very bad security advice lately. People will feel that if this is how they do things then it’s good enough for me. I should be able to run things that way as well. This needlessly puts end users at risk of becoming infected. It’s honestly to bad that more people don’t hold internet and offline technology celebrities to higher standards. If someone is knowingly giving out bad advice that puts users at risk. The person (s) doing this should be called to task for doing so. While I’m sure the two people I’ve taken to task today would say we have a difference of opinion. I would say that they have an important responsibility that they should take more seriously. People listen to what they have to say and take that word as Gospel. These same people don’t always hear all the words and the reasons behind them. So maybe it would be better to approach things differently than they ( Leo and Steve ) have been. For the common good of everyone who uses the internet. We don’t need more infected zombies spreading havoc because these two and others continue to give out bad advice.

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