Vista 5365 up and running

Unfortunately I've not been able to get a hold of the 64 bit edition of this current build. No one has had pity upon me and given me official beta testing access. I'm currently running Vista 5365 32 bit edition on my AMD dual core machine. Right off the bat I'm not seeing anything that makes me say wow. For those of you who aren't official testers. There are the usual sources to obtain this beta if you serious about testing. Keep in mind that the 64 bit edition might be hard to come by though if your wanting it. Also remember that you'll only have 14 days to play with this new operating system. Unless of course you find some “work around”. One of the more popular methods mentioned on the web. Can in fact cause some serious stability issues if you don't follow the exact instructions. I was able to confirm this with the last beta. And with this current build. For anyone who might be tempted to get this beta unofficially. Keep in mind that this is highly frowned upon by Microsoft even though this is a test build. At this point I'm installing the software I need on this latest edition of Vista. Nero 7 was a total wash in regards to getting up and running. Received several different errors when trying to install that software. Nero 6.0 has worked just fine for me on this build and past versions of Vista. Paltalk, MIRC, FlashFXP, utorrent,TMPGEnc Plus 2.5, Aarons Webvaccum, Divx 6, Adobe Reader 7, Bookmark Wizard, CopyURL, XviD, Screenshot Captor, Thumbs Plus 7 and Winrar are all working ok with Vista 5365. FlashFXP has a minor display issue on start up. I also received an error when trying to access the preferences tab in that software. But the program functions as it should. Allowing upload and downloads of files using an FTP. Once again Power DVD 6 won't properly install. In earlier Vista builds this software worked fine. Even when using compatibility mode this software gives an error during the install process for the past two Vista betas. This go around I was also able to get Vista to give my pc a performance rating. In the past this hadn't worked properly for me. I scored a 4 even though 4 out of the 5 items where rated at 5 or above. IE 7 still has a ghosting issue at the top of the browser from time to time. You'd think that the Microsoft developers would have addressed this by now.

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