Deli Basket Boxes Indiana Carton

Deli Basket Boxes Indiana Carton

After our dinner the other night at Caitie Girl’s we received a new type of to go container. It was a square paper box. I found this more desirable for several reasons. If the box is made from recycled paper. This would of course make a market to support consumer recycling. That also helps to make a better use of resources. Since aluminium foil was used to wrap the leftovers this also encourages recycling. All you have to do is clean off the aluminium foil then place it into your recycle bin.

Unfortunately there are still to few consumers who care about these things. But considering the restaurant industry is one of the most wasteful. It always nice to see practices put in place to reduce waste. Sending customers home with Styrofoam containers that can’t be recycled or composted is an outdated way of doing business. In our area however their our few restaurant owners who understand this. Of course their argument will always come down to cost.

The only reason we may have gotten these type of to go boxes was because Caitie Girl’s might have been out of the more traditional take home containers. I’d hope they would in fact put the Deli Basket Boxes into use full time.

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