The Creek is blasting music yet again

The loud music at The Creek in Chatham Il stopped somewhat for the past few weeks. This only occurred after the business played childish games after we called to ask that they show the surrounding neighborhood some respect. Only after a call to our landlord did the nuisance stop. It didn’t come to a complete stop since many of their employees still come to work & leave the business late at night with music blasting. This evening the restaurant is once again forcing their choice of music into our home. The bass will stop now and then only to start up again. This has been the situation for sometime now. It is readily apparent that this business could care less about it’s actions. If I would have known a music venue was moving in instead of a food establishment. I would have voiced my concerns long before now.

What is going to end up taking place is someone will keep pushing my buttons till I take action and end up in jail. Because it is obvious this business just wants to play the bully of the block. Starting at 10 PM this evening and I’m sure not until after 1 AM I now will have to endure listening to bass thumping into parts of my home. Right now as I type this that is exactly what is taking place. Of course it’s progressively gotten worse as it has gotten later. Again this has been their method of operation for months now.

Once again Chatham Police dispatcher just makes excuses. According to her the business is allowed to annoy us until at least 12 AM this evening. Once again just as in times past the music has just gotten louder after a visit from the authorities. This shows the childish nature of whoever is running the operation at night. They obviously have been told they are allowed to do whatever they want.

It should be kept in mind that each dispatcher gives you a different story. It’s never the same excuse twice as to why it is OK for a business to have more rights than those that live in the neighborhood where that owner is causing problems.

I can say the owners and their managers should do some research. Actually speak with a few Springfield Police officers who worked the Westchester subdivision. Ask them if I won’t confront someone who decides to act in the way The Creek has. When we moved out here I was very open with our landlord as to the major reasons we were looking for a residence in this community. One of those was people acting exactly how those that run The Creek are. To bad the rest of the surrounding community could care less.

For the record I’ve detailed many nights were the music has gone past 12. So the dispatcher we spoke to this evening is full of shit. Or the police in this community only enforce the traffic laws. Because I can promise you if you speed even slightly in this area you will get a ticket. But if you own a business – laws don’t apply to you. It’s open season. 12:15 AM the bass is still come through loud and clear.

On the plus side the City of Chatham has finally decided that plowing the surrounding roads in our neighborhood is a good idea. However they have yet to put anything down to deal with ice. So after the roads are plowed they just become an ice rink.

Chatham IL police dispatchers refuse to deal with noise complaints

Our road has been plowed but it’s still an ice rink