Tesla Roadster Sport console

Console inside Tesla Roadster Sport I got to take a ride in. My first Tesla ride took place in Chicago. I rode Amtrak up there to be a part of opening of Tesla dealership / service center. In case you think leg on left is mine that isn’t the case. Left leg belongs to Tesla employee driving. You can see when someone tells you Tesla is a little close on elbow room they are right. At no time during my ride did I feel uncomfortable or to close to other person. I could see where others might feel that way.

I’m sure I said this many times during my first ever Tesla Roadster ride. I don’t know how anyone would want to drive a gas or fossil fueled vehicle after taking a spin in a Tesla. I am fully aware that most electric cars don’t offer performance of the Tesla. All I know is that my ride just increased my want to own an electric car. Because even though others may offer a less intense experience. There are many elements electric vehicles share.

Depending on which review you read or watch. Some people will say Tesla Roadster is silent. Others will mention that you only hear wind and road noise. A few do tell you about electric engine whir when vehicle accelerates. I wish I had the money to purchase a Tesla. Then I’d have pleasure of hearing that whir everyday.

I’ll include a few other photos below. In one of them if you look to left you will see Tesla Motors keychain. Chicago store gave these away during opening event.

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