Marc Andreessen speaking at Gnomedex 6

I’m sure many of you recognize the name Marc Andreessen. He is given credit for developing the modern day browser as we know it. Granted it wasn’t his doing alone. Marc is the cofounder of Netscape. His most well known current project is Ning. Over the years Gnomedex has had some very interesting speakers. Some of the legends of technology have been a part of this conference. Marc Andreessen is of interest to me because of where he got his start. To me it has always been funny how no ones seems to feel the state I live in contributes anything to the world of technology. Yet as I’ve pointed out in the past without the work from Marc and others at National Center for Supercomputing Applications located at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign you might not be surfing the web today. Work continues to this day at the NCSA that could be of use to the World Wide Web ( Internet ) and other technologies. But it still seems as if only two areas of the United States are considered worth anything to tech geeks. Redmond, WA and Silicon Valley. Even though a lotĀ of new endeavors and technologies are coming from areas nowhere near these locations. Granted Netscape wasn’t founded or run from the Midwest. But the roots that started that project came from this part of country. Hopefully at Gnomedex I’ll get to hear Marc say how surprised he is that the browser hasn’t truly advanced over the years. Because in my opinion things really haven’t changed to drastically for the amount of time that has past. To me it seems like true innovation has kind of gone by the wayside. You mostly see people reinventing or rehashing old ideas and trying to market them as new.

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