Enjoy life very berry crunch granola

Just finished eating some Enjoy life very berry crunch granola using a VerTerra palm leaf bowl. This was my second time eating very berry crunch granola. The other night was the first time I gave this product a try. When reading the packaging there is so much information about what isn’t in the product you start to wonder what is. From my reading it looks to be rice based. I’d assume the rice is baked in such a way as to give it the texture of a granola. Which in my opinion is successful. I like the taste. This product is a bit different than the bulk hemp granola we normally purchase. But I’d purchase it again. The company is based in Illinois. While I’m not big on making purchases closer to home. I am more than willing to support Illinois products that I like. I have eaten the Enjoy life granola dry both times. I’ve yet to try it as a cereal with milk.

I mentioned yesterday on Twitter that something on the packaging caught my eye. As far as I can remember this is the first time I have seen a product package mention Facebook and Twitter. I’m sure we will see many other companies pickup on this to the point where it becomes overly common.

Enjoy Life Foods Very Berry Granola Cereal Gluten Free (3×12.8 oz.)

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