Cars on a stick Sidewinder Auto Recycling Denver Colorado

No matter how I looked I couldn’t find this using a search engine. After taking some time to have a look around Flickr I found the information I needed. Last year while heading out West on Amtrak I rode through Denver Colorado. As we left the railyard I was taking pictures. This is one of the photos I took. I was using continuous mode and auto focus to get as many shots as possible. That is why the picture above didn’t come out better. Granted dirty Amtrak windows and passing by at a decent speed doesn’t help the results.

Years ago we had a used car dealership here in Springfield IL that had a Chevy on a stick. It’s be awhile since I’ve drove down Clear Lake Avenue. So I’m not sure if it is still there. I’d have to dig through old photo DVD’s to find my pictures of it. I do know that property has changed owners a few times.

The most famous cars on a stick the Berwyn Spindle were torn down a few years ago. That Illinois icon was featured in the movie Wayne’s World.

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Here is a close-up view of one of the cars pictured above.

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