Ray Liotta was in Springfield IL Sunday

Once again Ray Liotta could be found in Springfield, IL. On Sunday July 10, 2005 Mr. Liotta was spotted in Springfield. I can’t confirm my source for this information. I’m sure I won’t end up in prison or be getting sued do to this fact. Unfortunately to respect privacy I’m also not going to mention where this famous actor was spotted.

Many of you may recognize this actors name do to his role as Henry Hill in the movie Goodfellas. Others may remember that he played Fred Jung in the movie Blow. I think he is most likely best known for those two character portrayals. Some may remember his role in Field of Dreams.

Now some of you might wonder why is Ray Liotta visiting Springfield, IL? Is he filming a new movie? Is he just here visiting the Lincoln sites. Well as far as I’m aware neither of those are in fact the case. Ray visits Springfield every once in awhile do to the fact that he has family here. They own a popular local restaurant. The Tuscany was known under a different name originally. But with the name change the same owners are still running this restaurant. There was a previous article in the local State Journal Register in regards to the connection Ray Liotta had to the owners of this establishment.

I’m not sure how long he’ll be in town for. But local residents who may be fans of his work. Might want to keep an eye out the next few days. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to meet this person. Honestly I highly doubt they would have been in the mood for fans and being asked for an autograph. Maybe one day I’ll get lucky and run into this person when they are here. For me it’s always interesting to meet well known people. Especially in places you least expect to find them.

Tuscany Italian Restaurant Warning this link will take you to a very lame song playing on their website. I can find no way to turn the music off – to me this is very annoying. I’m sure the owners think this is cute and great marketing. If you have your speakers on you may wish to turn them down.

3123 Robbins Rd

Springfield, IL 62704

(217) 726-5343

Ray Liotta Gossip


“He’s not a big fan of Peoria any more, with good reason. He married a Peoria girl, (and I’ve learned Peoria girls ARE rotten) but she left him for actor Ray Liotta while Ray was filming a baseball movie at Wrigley. (Field of Dreams perhaps, I forget.)”

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