Why can’t Google get AdSense right

I've ranted and raved about this more than once. But once again – I come back to the subject of why can't Google get AdSense right? I'm sure from their perspective they are doing a grade A job. Although if you look at things from the average persons point of view. The company is in fact miserably failing to listen to the majority of it's user base for this product. The one major success that I see get mention many times in regards to AdSense and blogging is Chris Pirillo. But we need to ask is he making his money from AdSense on his blog or his other sites? Even though he touts a certain E-book as the key to all that is AdSense golden. I'm betting the majority of his earnings per month are coming from other sites he runs not the blog. And we have to ask this serious question. Why should I have to buy another persons product to get Google's product to perform as it should out the door? It shouldn't matter where I place their ads on my site. It shouldn't matter what type of site I place these ads on. But from my experience I can definitely say that all of these things do matter.

AdSense is marketed as the equalizer in online revenue. The magic product that is going to make the little site big site money. I say hog wash. The majority of people that are making good money with AdSense already had a fairly good web presence and were making money already. If you actually take time to do some reading around the web – especially on blogs. You'll see time and time again that AdSense is failing to perform as advertised for a large majority of bloggers. Now I'm sure that many out there would claim this is the fault of the site owners. That these people aren't using this tool in an effective manner. Again I say hog wash. I shouldn't have to figure out where the sweet spot on my site is to get relevance. Although from what I've been able to see. It sure seems that placement of the Adsense advertisement is a crucial key in obtaining relevance. Yet each time they release a new ad form. You can basically kiss any sort of relevance good bye for several weeks. As my testing this past week clearly has shown.The small unscientific test I ran this week. Once again showed me that relevance is easy to obtain on a non-blog site. But when using a new ad form on a blog. Google seems stuck in a rut once again. Only offering up advertising related to the subjecting of blogging. This is one key reason I've tried to stay away from even mentioning that word on this site.
The above reason is why I've made my assumption that a certain person makes the majority of their revenue from the other sites they run. Yes I'm fully aware that there are some bloggers out there that would in fact debate these findings. I guess those of us who haven't chosen to drop money on E-books and tutorials are the only ones who aren't seeing a windfall from AdSense. For the record my revenue from this program has increased every month over the past few months. Although I would attribute this more to the increase of readers here. Than any overall improvement in relevance within the advertisements. At least when we are speaking in terms of this site. My main site which isn't a blog has always had spot on relevance in regards to the content presented on the page.
So why is it that with so many supposedly brilliant people working under one roof. Google can't tweak AdSense to provide the relevance all sites need? They sure seem to be able to provide this for their larger customers. So I guess in the business world this would be all that matters. Which I'm sure in someone's mind makes perfect sense. Screw the little guy – they don't contribute enough to the bottom line to matter. Very similar to how Blogware could care less about things when I complained. But when a few people who they ( Blogware ) see as more meaningful start ranting and raving. Magically things got resolved. So I guess Google feels that since the big players are happy there isn't a problem to be solved.
It's this exact type of thinking that is forcing bloggers to consider taking their business elsewhere. I was given access to one such alternative last week. I've chosen not to implement this new product at this time though. For several reasons. One being that after reviewing the sites that use this new advertising product. I'm honestly not seeing an better relevancy. Yes I've read the reviews and the .pdf file claiming increased revenue and better performing ads. Yet after taking a look at the blogs and websites that are running this alternative. I'm not really seeing where the site owners are getting any more for their money using this product. Again – I've been told face to face at Gnomedex. That this product increased ad revenue for at least one person when compared to their AdSense earnings. And that the increase was a worthwhile amount.
The second reason I'm having doubts about switching over to this new product. Is the fact that my antivirus ( which I highly trust ). Feels that this new advertising product is a form of AdWare. While not all AdWare is evil. I don't need the hassle and aggravation of users emailing me and telling my site is infecting them or doing something evil. Increased revenue or not. It's just not worth the hassle. My third observation of this alternative AdSense solution is that there doesn't seem to be any choice of ad size at this time. This is something Google has been good about giving AdSense users. The fourth quick observation I had was that I wasn't to keen on who Chitika has partnered with for their advertising. Yes I'm aware that many big sites have and continue to use these companies for advertising. But many in the security community take a dim view of some of their past and present practices.
I will say that when reviewing one site today. The ad relevance with Chitika seem to have improved on that site. This is something you'll of course see with Google AdSense at times. That the longer the topic is live the better the relevance. This is most likely do to Google getting around to spidering the site with their bot and after analyzing things the ads get tweaked.
What this comes down to I guess. Is do I give up what I feel are principles so I can pay the bills? Do I stick it out with Google and try to figure out the magic formula everyone seems to rave about? Do I break down and pay $70 for the supposed holy grail AdSense E-book? Or do I just go out and find another alternative?
Now there is a kicker in using an alternative. Because from the way I read the Google AdSense terms. I'd have to take off all previous live AdSense ads on my site before implementing a new contextual advertising product on this site. Maybe I'm wrong in this assumption. I'm also more than willing to admit I could use some more face time with reading up on this subject. The words I've expressed above are me just thinking out loud. I'm expressing how I see things. To me when someone details their experience with a product or service. This gives back to the community at large. Which in turn should help others decide if that product or service is the right choice for them. Many bloggers have decided that AdSense isn't the proper choice for their site.
I think looking around the web. You'll see that Google may in fact be doing what everyone feared they would. It was stated that once Google went public they would try and branch out and become more of a portal. With this new part of their journey. They may in fact be straying from the one thing they have done well. Which is search. Sometimes being all things to all people just isn't the right move. Actually in most cases it's never the right move. With AdSense being the key element that helps bring in revenue from AdWords. You would think that Google would be highly focused on making sure that everyone using these products was getting a positive result. I'd honestly hoped that Gnomedex might focus just a bit on getting better value from AdSense. Maybe someone talked about a way to make more money from your site at Gnomedex. Guess I was sleeping through the how to monetize portion of the conference.
As I said during Saturdays lunch at Gnomedex. I'm making money with AdSense and paying some bills. Although I'm not yet paying the rent by using the product. I think the exact quote was. “I'm making money with AdSense – but not Pirillo money with it”. Or something to that affect. But then again how many people can say they are making that kind of money on the web in general. Maybe more people than I think. I'm not trying to compare apples with oranges by any means. Most of us see the highest goal out there and compare things from that point. In no way am I saying I've done enough to even think of earning that type of cash. But I do think there is great room for improvement to be had in regards to the Google AdSense program. One big start would be to open up the RSS advertising beta to the little people who have expressed interest in testing. Would have been nice if Google would have at least opened the beta to all Gnomedexers.
Yes I'm well aware that I covered this many times before. Not that anyone is probably paying one bit of attention. Maybe one of these days someone will put some value on the none eloquent words I express here. For now I'll just drop a good number of links for further reading on the subject. I think that this helps to offer a balanced viewpoint on the subject.
One last major point. If Google can properly spider my site to obtain good search relevance in regards to the content of this site. Then the AdSense bot should be able to do exactly the same when it spiders this website. I get turn around time of less than a day with most articles getting spidered. Google always does a good job of finding what the article is in relation to and when using there search this is clearly evident. So if one Google bot can do the job properly. Why can't the Google AdSense bot do the same? It's exactly the same content.
Looking at the AdSense content in some of my recent articles that use the new ad form they ( Google ) just introduced. You can see relevance has dropped. Thus causing less clicks from this site. Now that same ad form in use here http://test.iggyz.com is spot on in regards to offering advertisements that relate to the content of that page. I've seen no ill effects do to putting this new ad in place there. It's more appealling – takes up less space and I've not lost any revenue do to put it into use. Unlike the results I've seen on this site. This is a prime example of what I've stated above.

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