Lance Armstrong wins his 7th Tour De France

This is of course old news to most everyone in the world. I've yet to watch the final stage. It's sitting on our Insight DVR unit ( a Motorola DCT6412 ). But the Stage 20 time trial sealed the deal for this year. So the outcome had pretty much been decided. From what I read in the newspaper today. The last stage had a bit of rain. Which made the tour organizers decided to call the winner of this years race a little earlier than usual.

The Stage 20 time trial was definitely a stage to watch if your a cycling fan. My choice to win that day was the same that Lance had mentioned the day before. That choice almost upset Lance in the time trial. But in the end Lance Armstrong put everything together and got the stage win. This was his only stage win of this years Tour De France and is only win of the year. Honestly everyone in my household felt he may be trying to win the tour without winning a stage. In the end Lance proved our theory wrong.

Mickael Rasmussen had a horrible day that day. With several crashes and bike changes. You really have to wonder if he would have had a better day. If he had a better support staff behind him. To me it seemed those that were suppose to keep him in the race failed to do there jobs that day.  

Mickael's misfortune that day allowed Jan Ullrich to move up into third place. This gave T-Mobile ( use them if you want your personal data over the internet ) the third spot on the podium for the finale. Jan had the best time of the day. Until Lance came across the line. Taking first place to win the time trial and securing his seventh straight Tour De France victory.

I wish I had the money to buy the jersey below. There is a limited supply. I'm sure they will go fairly fast. They are priced at $149.95. I'm not sure if they would even have a size to fit me honestly.

2005 Tour de France: Stage 21
By Phil Liggett

“Every fairy tale has a happy ending, and the story of lance Armstrong — although one feels that it is not over — is no exception. Unprecedented scenes on the Champs Elysees left our champion a seven-time winner.”

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