Where is Mount Rushmore

Where is Mount Rushmore

This is the view we got when we arrived at Mount Rushmore in the early morning. Although fog isn’t unusual for a mountain area. We were extremely worried that this was the view we’d have for the whole day. Since we only had one day to explore this national treasure. You can imagine the frustration. After being in the observation area for a bit. Someone clued us into the fact that if we went onto the trail that is in front of the four presidents. You could in fact see the faces through the fog. By the time we had completed the journey around the trail. The fog had lifted and I got some really good pictures. Considering the type of camera I was using.

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Iggy hanging out at Mount Rushmore

I went to Mount Rushmore today

Iggy hangs out with a few of the Presidents

Mikey for President at Mount Rushmore

Hoover Dam Bypass at night

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