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Just a guy trying to make his way in world. On internet since 1999. Started my first website https://iggyz.com around that time. I’ve been a member of Zone Labs Team Z as one of it’s original members for several years now. Started blogging in October of 2004 after Gnomedex 4.0 in Lake Tahoe.

As of 2/13/10 I’d venture a guess my relationship with Zone Labs Team Z will be coming to an end. It was an interesting run while it lasted.

About this website.

Iggy Uncensored – internet security, life and whatever else feels good to rant about.

Interest include but not limited to – Internet security, electric cars, Amtrak ( passenger high speed rail ), solar power, environmental issues, Linux, Open Source software / hardware, computer building, travel, safer lawn care / gardening and weather.


Springfield, IL United States


Identi.ca ( the Open Source Twitter )

Iggyz.com online since 1999

Iggy Uncensored created October 2004

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