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Springfield Police officers please Only arrest ugly people

TerraCycle worm castings granular all purpose plant food

Clowns on a tram Illinois State Fair

Black & Decker RB-3612 Replacement 36V Battery Pack

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Garden Springfield Illinois

Beginning of a mural at Lincoln Memorial Gardens Prairie Center

Has the flavor of Phix Energy been changed again

This months supply of Phix Energy doesn’t have as strong a flavor. In 2009 the flavor profile for Phix Energy was changed. Although the taste update was somewhat subtle you could definitely tell a difference. My latest order has both Teaberry and Tropic tasting weaker than last months batch. Although the website doesn’t reflect it …

Springfield Illinois Fourth of July 2013 Fireworks

Peppermill Fireside Lounge 24 Hour Restaurant

Mrs. Potato Head BlogHer 2009

Tornado Intercept Vehicle (TIV) Do not follow during adverse weather

Cooper’s Hawk eating it’s prey

Second snow clearing at night

Insane Clown Posse Hampton Inn parking lot East Peoria IL

Abraham Lincoln mural Lincoln Memorial Garden Prairie Center

Helicopter watching over 2013 Illinois State Fair

Boardwalk Sausage Company Woodland Park Zoo Seattle

Our view from the 28th floor Sheraton Chicago

Motorcycle stunt rider Four Seasons Hotel St Louis Arch

Was this Leprechaun trying to get lucky