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WikiLeaks Falcon and the Snowman or Democracy in action

Is WikiLeaks a modern day Falcon and the Snowman or Democracy in action? Julian Assange doesn’t strike me as trustworthy and seems to change his story often. There have been claims made that he wished to sell documents WikiLeaks obtained. To me this makes him more of a Andrew Daulton Lee ( The Snowman ) …

Bicyclist riding in the rain Alton IL

Under the Canopy ginko leaf kitchen towels

St Charles Historic District squirrel stocking up for Winter

Carrot Top inside the Luxor Galleria

Tornado Alley St Louis Science Center

I think it’s broke

Riviera Casino and Hotel Las Vegas 2010 2011

Did she think it was all about her in Las Vegas

Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino Tunica Mississippi

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Springfield IL Amtrak station leaf fire

Just as we stepped up to the counter at Springfield’s Amtrak station – the ladies who had just left came back in announcing there is a fire. I stepped towards the window and confirmed there in fact was a fire. The Amtrak employee quickly headed out to determine the cause while on her phone notifying …

Google Maps Street View car Springfield Illinois

Thermaltake SR200 Liquid Reservoir My liquid cooling system redesigned

Hotel Virginia Antiques Emporia Virginia

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile at Sheraton Chicago BlogHer 2009

Ringer Lawn Restore Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Save Rosia Montana Millennium Park Chicago Illinois

Emporia Virginia train depot

No agreement on how to deal with Japanese beetles

There seems to be a wide variety of opinions when it comes to how to eradicate Japanese beetles. Every time I read an article advice varies and is conflicting. This debate was readily apparent in a series of stories in our local paper the State Journal Register. Unfortunately even when using exact titles for search …

My Las Vegas photos

Riviera Casino and Hotel Las Vegas 2010 2011 Hoover Dam Bypass at night Criss Angel on the Luxor Las Vegas