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No agreement on how to deal with Japanese beetles

There seems to be a wide variety of opinions when it comes to how to eradicate Japanese beetles. Every time I read an article advice varies and is conflicting. This debate was readily apparent in a series of stories in our local paper the State Journal Register. Unfortunately even when using exact titles for search …

Concern Weed Prevention Plus 100% Natural Corn Gluten pre-emergent herbicide

Applied Milky Spore last week

Worx Cordless Bundle Worx GT Hedge Trimmer and Worx Air

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Found TerraCycle motherload at Home Depot

Using Milky Spore to Kill Japanese Beetle Grubs

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Time to apply Milky Spore to Kill Japanese Beetle Grubs

Looking for a grass safe natural weed killer

I have a really good natural weed killer. I’m also very aware of the different natural weed killing brands. Why you would need to buy these is beyond me though. Vinegar – yes plain cheap vinegar you buy at the local store will kill weeds very effectively. However just like many of the natural brands …

Time to bring the Japanese Beetle traps inside

Segways 2012 Earth Day Festival St. Louis

Worx yard tools customer service ease of use durability

After several weeks of using the Worx Cordless Bundle I figured it was time to update my opinion of the product. I’m still not sold on the ergonomics of the Worx GT 2-in-1 Cordless Grass Trimmer & Edger. While I have found a way to use the product that works for me. The positioning is …

Those that can afford to lead by example don’t

Many of us have seen this time and time again. The people who can afford to lead by example don’t. What is most interesting here is that many of these people are the loudest ones complaining about environmental issues or gas prices. Al Gore in my opinion is an example of this. Here you have …

What exactly did Al Gore do to earn a Nobel Peace Prize

Months ago while sitting in a restaurant next to two gentleman having a conversation about Al Gore and how great he was this and that I asked a very simple question that led to rage. Now keep in mind I had spoken with one of these people earlier in the evening. That person is friendly …

St Charles Historic District squirrel stocking up for Winter

Local Home Depot no longer a motherload for TerraCycle

Unfortunately the Jacksonville Illinois Home Depot is no longer a good source for TerraCycle products. The current TerraCycle stock consist of small size plant food. Last year this Home Depot carried every Worm Poop product except for the castings. This year we did exactly what we did previously. We called the store before making the …

Ameren Chevy Volt 2012 Illinois State Fair

TerraCycle and Frito-Lay say recycle those chip bags at BlogHer 2009

TerraCycle worm castings granular all purpose plant food

A123 Hymotion Toyota Prius at 2012 Illinois State Fair

Man gets DUI while riding a Segway

I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. Someone decided to drive a Segway after they had a little to drink. While rolling down the road an officer notices the Segway operator driving a little erratically and pulls the Segway over. I'd not seen this in the news previously as far as I'm …