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California Tesla Model S in Springfield Illinois

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Why are simple questions so hard for some people to understand

Time and time again I see this. A very simple question gets asked and the geniuses of the world can’t seem to grasp it. I’m not sure what about my wording was so hard to understand in regards to my question about electric car battery technology. But let me try to explain it one more …

Tesla Motors Model S Superchargers Uptown Station Parking Deck Normal Illinois

Electric cars April 2015 Illinois Sustainable Living and Wellness Expo Wesleyan University Shirk Center

Toyota Prius Plug-in Level 2 charging Uptown Station Parking Deck Normal IL

Tesla Motors called me today

Earlier this evening I got an interesting call. We tend to get very few calls. So I was interested to see who would be calling at that time of night. Imagine my surprise when I look at the Caller ID and it says Tesla Motors. I did a quick double take. Honestly I still don’t …

Tesla charging station inside Chicago store garage

Fisker Karma Tesla Roadster Chevy Volt Mitsubishi i-MiEV Nissan Leaf Vanguard CitiCar electric charging stations

Why own a smart car

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Does the economy need the combustion engine

Over the years there have been many conspiracy theories in regards to why certain technologies haven’t been adopted or disappeared. I touched on this a little when writing about the possibility of a water car. There have been many claims that devices or hardware exist that improves gas mileage greatly. The next thing you hear …

Urbana National Drive Electric Week Event 2017 Photos

2015 Drive Electric BloNo Light the Night Uptown Normal Illinois

A123 Hymotion Toyota Prius Mitsubishi i-MiEV Ameren Nissan Leaf 2013 Illinois State Fair

Do US auto manufacturers actually make an American car

With all the recent press about needing to bail out the US auto industry CNN featured an interesting article the other day. The story really should have many people wondering what the true value of helping the auto industry in the United States would be. If the auto industry in America goes bankrupt there is …

If it’s as simple as putting new battery technology in an EV1 why hasn’t it been done

Here is a question that has been on my mind for sometime. So far I’ve never come across an answer to it. To me it seems simple enough. On all the television shows and movies related to eco-friendly subjects some of the people seem to think things are this simple. So I’ll ask. If it’s …

Nissan LEAF Chevrolet Volt charging Memorial Medical Center parking garage Springfield Illinois

Cat Toy Nissan LEAF Springfield Illinois

Nissan LEAF I-55 Springfield Illinois

100 mpg vehicle is here it just isn’t consumer ready

This morning when I opened up my newspaper and started reading the front page. There was an article in regards to a regional team that is competing for the Automotive X PRIZE. Now the interesting thing here is that the article makes it seem as if this goal hasn’t been accomplished already. Granted there is …