Limp Bizkit porn leak could lead to Hilton hacker

Sources are now stating that the Limp Bizkit porn leak could lead to the Paris Hilton cell phone hacker(s). Limp Bizkit porn leak could lead to Hilton hacker  CNET  Paris Hilton gets a worm and her cell phone hacked

Windows XP bypasses ZoneAlarm

No it in fact doesn't. At least this time around the conspiracy theories aren't as many as in previous threads. Either way the topic is worth a read. Security » Windows XP bypasses Zone Alarm  Keep in mind – running older builds of ZoneAlarm isn't good security. Is it good security to run older ZoneAlarm …

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Time to do your taxes – No TurboTax or TaxCut warez torrents here

I keep getting searchers coming to the blog through Google looking for TurboTax or TaxCut warez, cracks or torrents. None of these exist on any of my sites. If your wanting to buy your software legally. Considering using the links below. TaxCut Premium TurboTax® Premier for Tax Year 2004 Teach Yourself TurboTax Deluxe in 24 Hours TaxCut – Fast. Easy. Accurate …

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States I’ve visited

I saw this posted on Life With Buccho and thought I'd added it here. This is a list of the states that I've either lived in, currently live in or that I've visited over the years. bold the states you've been to, underline the states you've lived in and italicize the state you're in now… …

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Give the gift of computing

If you have old computer equipment lying around the house. Why not consider donating it to a local charity or group that could put it to use? In my area this organization puts these donations to good use. Welcome to the Computer Banc  A recent article is what got me thinking to finally post this.  …

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ISearch IDownload’s Legal Threats

Yet another software company is unhappy at being called spyware. So they have decided to take a page from Claria / Gator. Adware maker joins federal privacy board Which of course means it's time for someone in the legal profession to start making some money. It's time to sue. They have threatened a site of …

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Read the EULA get paid

Nobody ever reads their ISP terms of service or the fine print on the work order they sign. Most users definitely don't read those long and complicated EULA's that you have to agree to before installing software. But it seems that in at least one case. If users had done so. They would have been …

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WeatherBug states it can save your life

I'm not going to waste much space ranting on this. Just go to the link to read more. Security » Weatherug begs for forgiveness If anyone has stories of how this software saved their life. Please feel free to included them below. WeatherBug Corporate Blog Previous related post Microsoft antispyware and antivirus