Gnomedex 5 sticker shock

I'm not fully over the Gnomedex 5 sticker shock just yet. For those of us who are used to paying $99 each year. This years pricing is definitely a big change. $349 for previous attendees. $399 for those of you who are going for the first time. Seating is limited to 300 people only. That …

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Gnomedex 4 pictures

Over the next few days I'm going to be adding some pictures from our Gnomedex trip. I may actually just end up setting up a big slideshow. The few I've added so far can be found on the right side of this blog. Or by using this direct link They start at the bottom of …

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Put this blog to use using RSS

Want to see all the different ways you can put this blog to use using RSS? Have a look at this link About Syndication, RSS, and Other Web-Altering Chemicals