Insight changes upload speeds

Don't get to happy. Because this just seems like Insight once again playing games with it's customer base. This is either a test to determine if this would be feasible on the network. Or it's Insight once again giving one area more for their money than the rest of us. The thread in regards to …

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Kaspersky blog Viruslist newlook

The VirusList ran by Kaspersky now has a new look. Easy on the eyes and much easier to use. Even more interesting. Is the fact that Kaspersky is now running a blog off that site as well. This definitely shows that the power of the blog has been seen in my opinion. Granted other very …

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Insightbb users claims

There are some very interesting and unsubstantiated claims being leveled against Insight Communications in regards to their blocking of P2P traffic. While I agree that it is highly likely that Insight, Mediacom or their bandwidth provider AT&T have put into use some sort of P2P filter. I've seen no real evidence that Insight is not filter …

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ISP’s Blocking P2P Use

A few updated links and more information in regards to this previous article Insightbb and Sandvine P2P ISP’s Blocking P2P Use – Mediacom, Insight users face mystery blockade Numerous Mediacom Customers Without P2P Access

Insightbb and Sandvine P2P

It seems Insightbb is now using Sandvine Peer-To-Peer Policy Management. Actually their bandwidth provider AT&T has put this method to use. Other ISP users are also reporting seeing this being put into place. It would seem not all areas serviced by these ISP are seeing this product put into use. Below are some recent related …

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Bit Torrent P2P King

Bit Torrent P2P King – 53% of all p2p file-sharing traffic P2P Usage – Which Network Consumes the Most bandwidth Digital Movie Forecast BitTorrential Downpour  

Kaspersky Personal Pro 5.0

Anyone who has seen my online postings over the years will know there are two software programs I've allows recommended. These are Kaspersky AVP and ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm. I've used versions of these products since 1999. I honestly feel they are two of the best products on the market. Both products are promoted on the top left …

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More Debate on Firefox vulnerabilities

Even more debate on Firefox vulnerabilities. I know my thoughts on this. But I'll save them for another day. The linked thread has a nice yet somewhat civil conversation going on in regards to the subject.

FireFox Still more secure?

Tabbed Browsing Flaws Detected Chalk one up for IE… Mozilla Foundation has released an update for the Firefox browser to fix a serious security problem Ok lets be fair. Internet Explorer hole opens up again JPEG Exploit Proof of Concept Exploit code for Microsoft JPEG flaw made public Major graphics flaw …

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