Kaspersky antivirus support review

For years I've praised Kaspersky support. Others have as well. But recently many users have posted negative comments in regards to their experience with support services from Kaspersky. I can now say that I understand these statements. Recently I had a license key issue after installing a new motherboard. Before looking and using my own …

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Data leak puts PayPal users at phishing risk

CNET has done a write up on this today. I first saw this brought up here Security » PayPal Giving Customers Emails to Spammers That thread links this story PayPal Giving Customers Emails to Spammers CNET covers the subject here Data leak puts PayPal users at phishing risk

Intuit buys Paytrust

For me this is slightly depressing news. My choice of bill pay provider has just been bought out by a company that isn't known for being customer friendly. I've been a Paytrust customer since late 1999. That's a little over 4 years. When you use a company to pay bills. It is important that they provide top …

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What will Google do? Is it VOIP?

There is more speculation as to what Google may be doing in the future. Their search for dark fiber specialist has everyone a buzz with ideas. Google the ISP    Google to offer free UK Voip    Slashdot  Google Plans Free VoIP In the UK    Google Phone Rumor – Times Online's rampant speculation    Google mulls VoIP …

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A few quick pictures

Just added a few pictures of my new Soyo motherboard's box. Also a small picture of the RAM cases. From the RAM I bought the other day. New RAM on the way   Also one picture of TD & Tony Garvin with Santa at their moms work. http://iggy.gnomeblog.com/blog/Photos/page=3 Sponsored ad