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For those who may have missed some of last months postings. Have a look here October. I think you'll find a few stories of interest.

Norton AV flaw may put PCs at risk of virus attack

A vulnerability in Norton AntiVirus can allow some malicious scripts to infect a machine if the user has admin rights – which would apply to most home-based PCs. Symantec has admitted its flagship consumer security application, Norton Antivirus 2005, has a security vulnerability that allows certain types of malicious script to infect a user's personal …

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Pirates release U2 album online

The Irish band's latest album may have to be released earlier than originally planned to offset the impact of an illegal version appearing on the Internet. Pirated versions of U2's new album “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” have emerged on Internet file-sharing networks two weeks before it goes on sale, throwing into question its …

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Canadian P2P slowdown

It seems that with at least one ISP. Canadian users are going to be stuck with slow P2P speeds. I first covered this here Canadian cable users report BitTorrent slowdowns. At least one Shaw “insider” has confirmed filtering being put into place. “One self-proclaimed company insider claims the carrier has started using Packet Shaping technology to …

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Is Google Image using censorship

Is it censorship? Or is it just a slow spider of content? Some people think it's outright censorship brought on by cooperation with the US government. Others feel this is just bad indexing on the part of Google. You can add your thoughts on the debate here on this blog. Or after reading the news …

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Microsoft debates spoofing as security flaw

Microsoft is stating that phishing isn't an issue. “Microsoft is rejecting claims from security researchers that a spoofing technique discovered on Internet Explorer is a security vulnerability.” Tech News on ZDNet.  

NBA fines Mark Cuban for Blog posting

This definitely has to be a first. It's not the first time a blog post has created issues with a bloggers job. I'd say this also proves that the power of the blog is now main stream. It was bound to happen…and it did. Related  The power of a blog and one link.