Privacy in the new ZoneAlarm 5.5

This thread at the BBR security forum has been going strong for awhile now.  Security » Privacy in the new ZoneAlarm 5.5 I have to admit with the holidays and other things. I've not had time to get back to fully read the latest post. I'm hoping to get an official response from ZoneLabs in …

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Holiday Shopping

I'm sure many readers do their holiday shopping online. For those of you who haven't had a look. I think you'll find a good selection of top name stores all in one place here  Over the next few days I'll be updating the second shopping page with even more great stores. Help make my …

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CA slaps spyware label on Kazaa

I'm sort of surprised someone hadn't done this before now.  Kazaa The #1 Spyware Threat – Computer Associates reinforces what many already knew  CA slaps spyware label on Kazaa  CNET  Kazaa, Spyware King – Marketers don't like threat classification  'Spyware' Label Abused, Losing Nasty Effect 

Insightbb tier upgrades confirmed

This post is an update to the one below. The tier upgrades have been confirmed by the local Springfield, IL office. The standard tier I can confirm has been upgraded in Springfield. More information on all this can be found here  Inside Insight » [News] Upgrade is here The previous related thread can always be found …

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Queen’s Speech sets out plan for U.K. biometric ID card

This is another article in relation to this previous blog post  Supermarket Loyalty Cards Vs National ID Cards  The new story can be found here  InfoWorld Queen's Speech sets out plan for U.K. biometric ID card  November 23, 2004 Hacked

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Google gets sued for porn

Adult entertainment site sues Google. If this site ask for a login use BugMeNot. “A website that sells photos of naked women is suing Google, alleging that the online search engine leader is destroying its business by distributing links and passwords that provide free glimpses of the nude models. California-based company Perfect 10 is seeking …

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Federal Judge Keystroke Logging Isn’t Wiretapping

Slashdot is reporting that a Federal judge has ruled that keystroke logging isn't wiretapping. Sure seems like a form of a wiretap to me. But I'm no legal expert of course.

Color Laser Printers Tracking Everything You Print

Yet another story about printers gone bad. Don't they know better? This latest news is related to these previous blog post  Printers betray document secrets and Is your printer spying on you. Here are links to the new stories Government Uses Color Laser Printer Technology to Track Documents  Color Laser Printers Tracking Everything You Print