Google Buying Flickr

Is this just another internet rumor? Is this just speculation being voiced out loud? I'm not honestly sure. But here are few links to take a read on the subject.  Next Google acquisition Flickr + Picasa 2.0 = Fotoogle  On Google Buying Flickr  Google Buying Flickr

Need a dj for your next event?

Did someone say they needed a dj? Why not have a look here. You might just find what you need.

Last news update of 2004 has been updated for the last time this year. Tons of great links to news stories from around the web.

Police recover JFK artifacts in Dallas drug raid

This news is a little old now. But I thought it would make an interesting read in regards to history anyway. Police recover JFK artifacts in Dallas drug raid 

Feds convict warez pirate

The Department of Justice has landed its first conviction against an American defendant trapped via Operation Fastlink, a multinational law enforcement effort undertaken against online software piracy. CNET News

Steve Hosto Website

Ok I said originally I wasn't really wanting to do a personal blog. There have been a few cases where I've strayed from that. With the addition of family pictures and blog post on both my uncle David's benefit and the benefit for Tony my girlfriends nephew. This is going to be one of those …

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Was it WIFI that did it?

Woman has her bank account drained and swears WIFI was the reason behind it all.  Wi-Fi Scapegoat – Woman's account drained, Wi-Fi blamed  Security Phishing Hooks Wi-Fi Networks  `Phishing' hooks wi-fi networks  A Collective Net to Catch Phishers  

Log Spammers

I seem to be getting a lot of traffic from these 2 sites the past few days. By looking at the sites content. I honestly can't see why I'd be getting traffic from them. I may end up blocking traffic from both of them if a legitimate reason for traffic from them can't be found. …

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