Christmas 2004 pictures

Some pictures from Christmas 2004 can be found here  

Does ZoneAlarm spy on you

I’d covered this in a recent post here Privacy in the new ZoneAlarm 5.5  There is a recent posting in that thread from Corey Bridges ZoneLabs Chief Editor of E-Communities ( title may have changed )  Re Privacy in the new ZoneAlarm 5.5  I think this post addresses the issue clearly. It should also put …

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Can you have security and performance?

The question has come up yet again. Do you have to give up performance to have a secure pc?  Security V.S. Performance  My take on this can be found here Are Usability & Security Opposites in Computing

Last minute holiday shopping

Think you can't do your last minute holiday shopping online? Why not try an email gift certificate from   Holiday Shopping  Iggy can't have a nice holiday without some money!! So help yourself to some holiday cheer!! And help me make a few pennies while your at it. And trust me that isn't …

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Google tries to slow Santy worm

Well I asked everyone if their pc was secure for the holidays. Are you sure your pc is holiday secure?  I did so for good reason. Because someone always wants to try to ruin your online holiday cheer!!  Google Smacks Santy – Tries to slow spread of worm – Net-Worm.Perl.Santy.a  Google Smacks Down Santy …

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