Microsoft Spyware Acquisition Hits Ownership Snag

This was of course pointed out here  Microsoft buys Giant AntiSpyware  in several of the linked articles. Including the original eWeek story. According to BBR  Microsoft Anti-Spyware – Company says they own half the code  eWeek has done another article on the subject today  Microsoft Spyware Acquisition Hits Ownership Snag  Microsoft buy comes with strings …

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Major BitTorrent sites calling it quits

It would seem that the pressure and threat of legal action has finally taken it's toll on some popular torrent sites. folds with nary a wimper – Major torrent tracker site closes  Another Torrent Site Falls – Torrent Bits closes under fear of MPAA    Filesharing Software » torrentbits Was Closed  Filesharing Software » Suprnova …

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Microsoft buys Giant AntiSpyware

Several news articles on this one. It seems Microsoft has recently bought the highly recommended and talked about Giant AntiSpyware. It will be interesting to see if some of it's biggest supporters will continue their praise. Now that the software will be a Microsoft product.  Security » Microsoft Acquires GIANT AntiSpyware  Microsoft Acquires Anti-Spyware Leader …

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Do you still need to book your holiday trip?

If your still needing to finalize those holiday plans. Why not do so here All the top names in travel in one convenient place.

Are you sure your pc is holiday secure?

Are you sure your pc is secure for the holidays? Have you updated your antivirus lately? Are you running a software firewall and / or router? When is the last time you took a trip to windows update? Why not give your security setup a test? Lots of information and links to testing sites.

Insightbb using Sandvine

I have no way of actually confirming this. Many of the more friendly sources have been shut down. Or have become disheartened by my approach I guess. But a user in this thread  Inside Insight » [News] Insight Using Sandvine To Control P2P Traffic states that someone within Insight management has confirmed this to be true. …

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