MPAA Lawsuits Tomorrow

It seems as if the MPAA will now officially be following in the steps of the RIAA. I covered this previously MPAA Begins to Sue. According to this article “Starting tomorrow, the MPAA has promised to launch RIAA style lawsuits against broadband users who swap films via p2p.”

Is Walmart a security risk

Is Wal-Mart a security risk in regards to users privacy? I've not come to this conclusion. I'm not stating that this is in fact the case. But it seems that Wal-Mart may have a Google complex. Wal-Mart's Data Obsession  What Wal-Mart Knows About Customers' Habits ( if this link ask for a sign-in go here BugMeNot ). …

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High hopes for cancer drug Tarceva

“Four compact discs adorn a new plaque on the wall at OSI Pharmaceuticals' Melville headquarters. The unusual display highlights the most anticipated moment of the young biotechnology company's history, since those discs contain copies of the company's application for approval of its top cancer drug prospect, Tarceva. Down the hall, executives work and wait, knowing …

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Virus warning Cyborgs at risk

This recent CNET article is rather interesting. It discusses the likelihood of a virus infecting users who have or will in the future use implants to make themselves a cyborg. “The security problems that dog modern computing won't be much different from those that could plague the cyborgs of the future. “We're looking at software viruses …

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Yasir Arafat, Palestinian president, dies at 75

Palestinian leader Arafat dies at 75 – Nov 11, 2004   Obituary Yasser Arafat  Grief and uncertainty in Ramallah  Google News  Yasir Arafat, Palestinian president, dies at 75

ZoneLabs updates ZoneAlarm

Just in case you may have missed it. Zonelabs has just released a new build of it's firewall product ZoneAlarm. This update covers ZoneAlarm free, pro and suite. Information on this update can be found here ZoneAlarm Pro Release History  ZoneAlarm Free Release History  ZoneAlarm Security Suite Release History. A few threads related to the …

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