Is it good security to run older ZoneAlarm versions

This debate has once again come up. Many know my opinion on this one. I say it's just not smart security. You can join the debate here ZoneAlarm Versions. Previous threads on the subject can be found at

Blog backfires for flight attendant

This seems to be an unfortunate trend. Granted in this case a few “hot” pictures were taken on company property while the person was in uniform. Nothing to risqué. But I'm sure the company wasn't entirely happy with the pictures. Especially once they were posted on the blog for the entire world to see. Blog …

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Sears, Kmart to merge in $11 billion deal

U.S. department store operator Sears Roebuck and discount retailer Kmart Holding on Wednesday said they will merge in an $11 billion deal to form the third-largest U.S. retailer. The companies said in a joint statement that the new company, Sears Holdings, will have about $55 billion in annual revenue, 2,350 full-line and off-mall stores and …

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Symantec corrects ‘misleading’ Norton AV statements

Symantec has ‘corrected’ a misleading statement issued by its press office concerning the seriousness of a vulnerability in its Norton AntiVirus 2005 application. On 19 October, ZDNet Australia reported that a vulnerability in Norton AntiVirus 2005 could allow a specially crafted script to evade detection by NAV’s script blocker and shut down the application’s auto-protect …

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Is your printer spying on you

If it is a Lexmark printer it just might be. This claim has been made against Lexmark in the past. It's now come back up again. Is this spyware or just a useful service? Lexmark accused of installing spyware  Lexmark Printers Spy on You – Printer claim emerges once again  Lexmark accused of installing spyware …

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Shawn Fanning Is Back Into Digital Music

Well it would seem that the creator of Napster now wants to try to tame P2P. The monster that he help create. Music rebels seek to tame P2P  Shawn Fanning Is Back Shawn Fanning's new company is SnoCap.

Win a portable media device

Want to win a portable media device of your choice? Then click this link iPod Killers. Tell them Iggy sent you!! There is an interest debate going on in that blog post. Personally I feel Apple never gets the critical comments Microsoft gets. Even though Apple produces more of closed system than Microsoft. They ( …

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Have you tested your pc security today

Well have you? When is the last time you tested your security setup? Have you tested your email security lately? If you haven't done a bit of testing in a while. Or you'd just like to learn a bit more about tightening your machine security. Then take a little stroll to