Printers betray document secrets

Printers betray document secrets “US scientists have discovered that every desktop printer has a signature style that it invisibly leaves on all the documents it produces. They have now found a way to use this to identify individual laser printers. The work will help track down printers used to make bogus bank notes, fake passports and …

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The power of a blog and one link

First let me thank all the readers of this blog. With out you what I'm about to reference wouldn't have occurred. Hopefully I'll keep enough good content here to keep you coming back for more. I recently posted about Google fixing a GMail flaw. Google plugs hole exposing Gmail mail-boxes . This blog post contained …

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Help me buy Wil Wheaton

Ok now that I have your attention. I dont actually want Wil Wheaton. I'd just like to be able to buy his books. They ran out of books at Gnomedex 4.0. And I've not been able to get around to picking them up yet. So here is how you can help. Click on the Just A …

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Information from – Analyst's Diary. “We mentioned a payload for, where the worm tried to connect to copmromised sites. The links were inactive up to now. Today some of the links are active. tries to download and execute TrojanDownloader.Win32.Small.zj, a new variant of Small.”

Welcome Langalist Subscribers

Just a quick welcome to any Langalist users who may be having a look at the blog today. This blog was listed under They Loaded The Code in the 11/01/04 edition. This blog can always be found using the url or Google Keywords Iggyz Blog or Iggy Uncensored.