Microsoft debates spoofing as security flaw

Microsoft is stating that phishing isn't an issue. “Microsoft is rejecting claims from security researchers that a spoofing technique discovered on Internet Explorer is a security vulnerability.” Tech News on ZDNet.   Enjoying the contents of this website? Please consider making a donation to it’s author. Thank you.

FTC Spyware Laws ‘Unecessary’

Very interesting reads here BBR  FTC Tells Congress No to Anti-Spyware Laws  FTC to Congress Lose the Anti-Spyware Plans. The FTC is telling Congress that they currently have everything handled. And that there is no need for new laws in relation to the issue. Is this big business influencing things? Or just an agency not wanting another …

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Halo 2 retail date broken in Midwest

Meijer starts selling Halo 2 just a bit early. Originally spotted here Halo 2 Release Date Broken. The GameSpot article is here Halo 2 retail date broken in Midwest. “Numerous reports surfaced today from the Midwest claiming several retail chains had broken Halo 2's street date. Several reports on the Gaming Age forums–which included photos of …

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Attack code exploits new IE bug

The threat posed by a critical flaw in Internet Explorer has been ratcheted up by the release of a program designed to exploit the vulnerability, security researchers warned on Thursday. While Microsoft hasn't yet issued a patch, the bug appears to be a selling point for the widely touted Service Pack 2 (SP2) — systems …

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MPAA Begins to Sue

Everyone knew it was going to happen sooner or later. BBR covers the story MPAA Begins to Sue – No more 'Mr. Nice Guy', apparently. Movie industry to sue file sharers MPAA Lawsuits November 16 – Anti-film piracy legal storm on the way BBR. MPAA to Sue Movie File Swappers. Enjoying the contents of …

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Welcome Slashdot users

I was just checking my blog stats for the evening. And imagine my surprise when I saw multiple Slashdot referrers. It seems that user A5un (586681) posted a link back to this blog. Big thank you for the extra traffic. And for feeling what is posted here is of value to others. Was actually planning on doing a …

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