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Just placed an order for more Phix energy drink

I’m down to my last five pack of Phix already. So even with the two extra packs that got sent to me I went through my supply pretty fast. Less than fifteen days if my calculations are correct. On the positive side of things. This means I’m drinking more water and less tea or soda. I …

Neal Thompson “The Lord” Earth Day Forest Park St Louis 2014

Simple ecoSNEAKS Black

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Got back from Blogher 07 Chicago yesterday

I got back from Blogher 2007 Chicago yesterday afternoon. I'll spend my day today doing laundry and getting repacked to hit the road for Seattle tomorrow. Basically I have to many things to do and not enough time. I'm wanting to write several articles. But the time limit will most likely have me put that …

Is this a supersized Japanese beetle

Watershed Park Illinois State Fair 2008

Deli Basket Boxes Indiana Carton

No Old Illinois State Capital steps for Barack Obama

Thunderstorm heavy rain minor power outage Chatham Illinois

At the moment there are thunderstorms, heavy rain and a minor power outage taking place in Chatham, Illinois. The rain has lessened in just the past few minutes. Actually as I just typed that the rain picked up again. Of course we had one of the famous couple second to minutes power outages we see …

About Iggy Uncensored

Web hosting Cloud services Domain registration Webdesign Just a guy trying to make his way in world. On internet since 1999. Started my first website around that time. I’ve been a member of Zone Labs Team Z as one of it’s original members for several years now. Started blogging in October of 2004 after …

You gotta love Insight

I swear this week is going from bad to worse and now it's raining like all get out on our moving weekend. Which is just a small example of how my day has been going. You have to love when your cable tv and internet providers employees are just straight up clueless. I'll drop my …

Come watch the trees blow or just chat

Because the internet just needs a bit of nature every once in awhile. Come watch the trees blow or just stop in for a chat if someone is around. Iggy Uncensored Live and Direct uStream Can we walk on your lawn Why can’t the meteorologists get it right

Robinsons Lemon Barley Water why Saccharin and sugar

Back home from Florida trip

I've been back home from Florida since Saturday. I didn't think that I would feel any ill effects from my trip. However I must have had a a serious case of train lag when I got home. Then again it could have just been the weather. Getting down to Florida and back was an adventure that …

Phix Reload is now on sale

Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Powder

A butterfly in the grass

Instructions for the Brigade Captain

Dyson DC17 Animal Absolute cord damage

Wahl 18 Pc. Deluxe Self Cut Haircutting Kit WAH 79231