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You gotta love Insight

I swear this week is going from bad to worse and now it's raining like all get out on our moving weekend. Which is just a small example of how my day has been going. You have to love when your cable tv and internet providers employees are just straight up clueless. I'll drop my …

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Back home from Florida trip

I've been back home from Florida since Saturday. I didn't think that I would feel any ill effects from my trip. However I must have had a a serious case of train lag when I got home. Then again it could have just been the weather. Getting down to Florida and back was an adventure that …

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About Iggy Uncensored

Web hosting Cloud services Domain registration Webdesign Just a guy trying to make his way in world. On internet since 1999. Started my first website around that time. I’ve been a member of Zone Labs Team Z as one of it’s original members for several years now. Started blogging in October of 2004 after …

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