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Where was the Real World in Seattle

It took a little while to find someone at Edgewater Hotel in Seattle who knew where they had taped Seattle episodes of the Real World MTV show. And unfortunately I don’t remember the name of concierge who had answer. I don’t even remember Pier number to be honest. I could get there in no time …

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Man gets DUI while riding a Segway

I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. Someone decided to drive a Segway after they had to much to drink. While rolling down the road an officer notices Segway operator driving a little erratically and pulls it over. I’d not seen this in news previously as far as I’m aware. Incident took …

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Toyota Prius Recall

This recall is in response to the previously reported software problem that was causing some Toyota Prius vehicles to stall out on highways. You can read the original story below. Electric car charging stations Roadside Assistance After Market Parts Service Bulletins Manuals Solar power Book your hotel plane rail ticket car rental vacation cruise business …

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